Home Spray Foam Insulation Service


Want to regulate your house temperature and lessen the utility bills by about 20 to 30 percent? If so, then resorting to our home spray foam insulation is the ultimate way to go for. Spend Less, Save More!

Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation For Home

By it increasing the air quality or reducing the energy consumption for a comfortable home— the skilled and knowledgeable professionals at Ecowise Insulation will turn your house into a paradise that you will simply love returning to.

What is covered in this rebate program


Increase your building's value, comfort and productivity by lessening the maintenance costs with our high-quality RetroFit solution.



Prevent conditioned air from escaping through your ceilings while keeping your home's interior temperatures more even from floor to ceiling just by using our attic insulation.

ceiling foam-insulation

Open Cell Foam

Save on the extra labour costs with our open cell foam service. Need less material to insulate the same amount of space compared to the expansion of a closed cell spray foam.


keep the heating and cooling cycles in balance from one season to the next, along with preventing the growth of mould and mildew, with our basement insulation services.


Closed Cell Foam

Experience a superb air barrier with our closed cell foam solution. Incredibly energy-efficient, eco-friendly and long-lasting!

Our Working Process

We need to make a proper estimate to provide you with a professional free foaming insulation service from ecowiseinsulation.

Step One: Creating an Estimate

Once you have got your appointment scheduled, one of our trained estimator's professionals will come to your home and perform a fertile assessment from the attic to the basement. They will explain the instructions along with providing expert recommendations and budget estimations.

Step Two: Beginning the work

On the day of your installation, as scheduled, a crew leader will start the work with the fertile review. And then, the area that will be insulated will be prepared for beginning the insulation with proper caution to ensure everything is done flawlessly.

Step Three: Insulation Complete

Now it's time for the homeowner's review and to have a walk through the project area to make sure they are fully content with the work. Besides, we don't forget our customers even after the total insulation is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, No. Spray foam is an excellent insulator and vapour barrier, but because it contains chemicals, it must be handled carefully, following great caution. Although hardware and big box stores provide kits that let homeowners install it themselves, but the experts still advise hiring professionals to complete the job to avoid any hazardous situations from happening.

The projected lifespan of spray foam insulation ranges from 80 to 100 years. And little to no maintenance is required to do it. Because of how durable the material is, it can last as long as your building structure. Besides, spray foam is not prone to aging, sagging, or settlement like cellulose and fibreglass are.

Before installing spray foam, the walls need to be built, and all wiring should be installed. For the spray foam installation, all wall surfaces must be free of any sort of obstructions. However, one crucial point to note, all valuables must be hidden or covered in plastic as an extra protection.

Yes, our home spray foam insulation service is totally free and will not cost you any penny if you can qualify for our 100% foam insulation service. So, stay rest assured and get ahead with the processing with a relaxed state of mind. Premium quality insulation from National Grid Rebate is right at your service to make your day.

One inch of spray foam insulation can cover one thousand square feet. That is, for 600 square feet of coverage at 1 inch of thickness or 300 square feet at 2 inches of thickness, a 600 board foot package is needed. For example, a 200 board foot package will cover 200 square feet at a 1 inch thickness.

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Scheduling An Appointment

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